3 Tips for Avoiding HVAC Scams

Have you noticed that, whenever there’s a severe storm, or a hot spell, contractors seem to be more bold than usual? Several of them might come to your door and try to pressure you into paying for HVAC work right then and there. That’s because¬†they’re scammers! Here are three tips for spotting scammers and fighting back.

a picture of triangular signs with the word scam in themScammers Will Pressure You

The first sign of a scammer is that they are far too eager to close the deal — fast. They don’t want to give you time to change your mind, or get a second opinion from another contractor. They might try telling you that they are offering a special price if you sign up on the spot, but that the price will rise if you wait. There is no reason for a reputable contractor to pressure you in this way.

Scammers Don’t Want You to Research Them

Many scammers are fly-by-night operations that take your money and run. Therefore, they want to get you to pay them upfront and without hesitation so they can move on to their next target. Try telling them that you never have HVAC work done without getting a second opinion. Also, look online. Sites like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau can give you a better understanding of who you’re working with.

Scammers Will Try to Upsell You

As reputable HVAC servicers, we never try to push you to buy things you don’t need. Scammers do. They might distract you with a low initial price, but then they use high-pressure tactics to wring more money out of you. Some of the products they peddle can actually be harmful to your HVAC system, so talk to a trusted pro before you make any decisions!