Benefits Of A Wifi Thermostat

Still using an old mechanical thermostat to control your heater and air conditioner? Want to save money on your energy bill? Consider upgrading to a digital Wifi thermostat! Here are just a few of the benefits:

Control The Thermostat From Anywhere!

wifi thermostatThe greatest perk of a Wifi thermostat (sometimes called a wireless thermostat) is that you can adjust it from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. While some may think of this as an excuse to be lazy, this convenient feature can come in handy. Forget to turn off the heater after you left for work? No problem! You can make minor adjustments throughout the day, or control your thermostat while on vacation.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

There’s no sense in running the air conditioner all day while you’re at work, but no one likes to comes home to an 80+ degree home in the summer. Balance comfort and energy savings with a Wifi thermostat! Before you head home, turn on the A/C using your smartphone, tablet, or computer and enjoy a cool home as well as serious savings. While some homeowners hesitate at the the initial cost of a Wifi thermostat, the long-term savings will quickly outweigh the price.

Reminders And Alerts

Along with an app that lets you turn the heater or air conditioning on and off, you can set alerts, program the thermostat, and monitor energy use. Do you forget to check the air filter each month? Want to know how much energy you’ve used this month? Just take a look at your app and make home comfort a breeze.

You may think a Wifi thermostat is a bit of an extravagance, but the energy and financial savings will have you adding this smart home product to your holiday gift list. If you’re interested in Wifi thermostat installation in Sugar Land, TX and the greater Houston area, call Vance Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (713) 702-4721!