Can A New Thermostat Improve Your Energy Efficiency?


Upgrade to a WiFi Thermostat to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency!

Here in Texas, the summer heat can be pretty unforgiving to your comfort, and your wallet too. You may find yourself turning keeping your indoor air temperature warmer than you may like, or keeping the A/C turned off entirely just to keep your energy bills low. However, a great way to keep your A/C at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank may be to upgrade your thermostat!

Clearly, your thermostat itself doesn’t take a significant drain on your energy efficiency, but your it does control the air conditioning unit that takes a significant drain on your energy efficiency. Simply put, a better thermostat can control your thermostat more efficiently, which can help you maintain a high level of comfort, at a lower cost to yourself. Not just any new thermostat will work though! Be sure to choose a thermostat with advanced programming options, such as remote setting abilities and pre-determined cooling schedules. If you want to go top of the line, look specifically for WiFi thermostats.

For example, if you will be gone for a 3 day weekend, you won’t want to keep your house at your preferred temperature for those 3 days. However, you don’t want to come home to a hot house, and crank the A/C up on high, which can cause you unit to work twice as hard, when you get home just to make the house comfortable. With an advanced thermostat, you can program your A/C to turn on and gradually cool the home one or two hours before you get back, which allows the unit to cool your home with a higher rate of energy efficiency.

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