What Causes A/C Coil Leaks And How You Can Prevent Them

Have you had trouble with your air conditioner in the past? If you’re a homeowner, chances are that you have had A/C coil repairs pop up over the lifespan of your air conditioner. What causes this expensive component to leak? How can you avoid these costly repairs? 

Leaking copper pipe

What Causes An A/C Coil Leak

As you may already know, your air conditioner uses copper tubing, due to its excellent ability to conduct heat. In newer, more efficient models, the tubing is even thinner, so as to increase the efficiency. Unfortunately, the copper is the main culprit when it comes to diagnosing A/C coil leaks.

In our homes, we use finished furniture, stained cabinets, paints, chemical cleaners, and the list goes on, of products that compromise the air quality of our homes. The air in your home in circulated through the A/C, and brought back into the home in a cycle. Therefore, the chemicals in the air of your home are circulated through the A/C. The issue here, is that many homes have the right chemicals that release formaldehyde into the air. When this formaldehyde goes through the evaporator coils, it reacts with the coolant to create formic acid.

Formic acid, most commonly known as the acid that makes fire ants such painful enemies, eats right through copper. Over time, the formic acid creates pinholes in the copper tubing and causes leaks. Often these pinhole leaks go unnoticed until the leaks are big enough to cause larger problems, and require complete replacement.

How to Protect Your A/C Coil and Avoid Costly Replacements

Luckily, there are ways to avoid replacing your A/C coil every few years! To begin, for your health and that of your air conditioner, consider opening the windows to your home when the weather permits.

We suggest opening screened windows, to cut down on dirt and insect entry, but the main purpose of the exercise is to allow fresh air into your home. allowing fresh air flow can cut down on the chemical concentrations in your home air, and allow your A/C to circulate new cleaner air through your home. To further protect your home, consider adding an air purifier to clean the air. This is also good for you and your A/C!

Most importantly, have your unit maintained yearly. A professional will perform a variety of maintenance duties to protect your unit, but the most important part will protect your A/C coil! Have a professional flush the A/C coil with a neutralizing formula to protect the coils for another year.

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