How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your Home

Do you feel like your indoor air is unclean and extra dusty? Are you suffering from respiratory problems or allergies? You might not be using the proper air filter. All air filters are not created equally, so follow these tips on how to choose the right air filter for your home.

Types of Air Filters

the right air filterFirst, you need to know the different types of filters available. These range in price, efficiency, material, design, and other factors, meaning one is not the same as the others.

  • Fiberglass – The cheapest option, fiberglass air filters do not remove air pollutants well. MERV 1-4
  • High Efficiency – Usually the most expensive, HE filters can trap extremely fine particles, but are rarely used in residential settings. MERV 14-16
  • Pleated – These average-priced filters provide superior filtering for you home. MERV 8-13
  • Washable – Though they may tempt you as an eco-friendly option, washable filters are costly, work poorly and can easily spread bacteria through your home. MERV 1-4

What is the MERV Rating?

So what is the MERV rating? This acronym stands for minimum efficiency reporting value, which refers to the filter’s effectiveness. If your home is always dusty and you’re using a filter with a low MERV filter, this could be the problem. However, this doesn’t mean you should purchase the filter with the highest MERV rating. High efficiency filters can be too restrictive and cause problems for your HVAC unit. Most homes do well with a filter between MERV 9 and 12.

What’s Best For Your Home?

If you live in a single-room apartment with no pets, a fiberglass filter may be all you need. However, a larger household with children and pets means more dust and pollutants. This will often require a pleated filter. If you want cleaner indoor air, make sure your AC unit is compatible before investing in an HE filter.

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