Fall Preparation for Your Furnace

Heating RepairSummer is coming to an end and the official start of Autumn is only a month away. Is your furnace prepped for the cold months ahead? Schedule some time this month to make sure your heating equipment is in top shape with these tips for fall preparation:

Check the filters in the furnace and replace as necessary. This keeps the furnace clean and working properly. Dirty filters can cause energy consumption to increase and can cause wear and tear to the heating equipment.

Test the thermostat settings to ensure that it is maintaining the correct temperature. If not, it may have faulty wiring or it could be time for an updated thermostat.

Some furnace maintenance requires knowledge and experience of making small adjustments to the heating equipment. Trying to do these things yourself may put you in danger of harming yourself or doing damage to the furnace or your home. We recommend scheduling a professional technician to come out and do a full inspection of your furnace.

We will check to make sure the gas line are hooked up properly and show no signs of damage. The wiring will be inspected and connections will be tightened as necessary. We will inspect and clean the burner as necessary and check the gas pressure. The full inspection and maintenance work will improve the life of your furnace and have you ready for the cold winter months.

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