How Can I Reduce My Summer Energy Bills?

a photo of a woman sweating through her shirtIf you’re like most Southerners, you’ve probably wondered how to save money on those ridiculously high air conditioning bills during our hot, Texas summers. There are a few strategies you can use to bring down your bills and have a little more spending money for fun summer activities. Here are some ideas!

Talk to Your Power Company

You might be surprised by the number of ways your power company will help you save money, if you simply ask. Some companies will give you fluctuating rates that are still cheaper than regular bills because the energy cost is tied to the price of natural gas. Others will do “average billing”, where you pay the same amount each month.

Paint Your Roof White

Dark colors absorb heat, and light colors reflect it. To keep the sun from heating up your home too much, get someone to paint your roof white! There are also EPA-approved white roofing shingles that will do the same thing. Check out your local hardware store, or ask a roofer.

Have a Pro Check Your Ventilation

A good duct cleaning can help your AC unit become more energy-efficient. It takes more energy to blow cold air through clogged ducts than through clear ones. A professional duct cleaning can help.

Plant Shade Trees

It will take some time to see results from this approach, but there is no doubt that trees can provide much-needed shade that will keep your home cooler. Talk to a local plant nursery to find fast-growing species that do well in your climate.

For more information on duct-cleaning and energy-efficient AC units, give us a call today!