Ductwork Services

24537315_sThe ductwork in your home or office plays an important role in keeping your space comfortable – it transports air throughout your property. Modern ductwork is a complicated and intricate system of sheet metal that runs throughout your building designed to transport air to and from cooling and heating units.

Whether you need the advice of an experienced HVAC professional when beginning a new commercial construction project or help making repairs to the ductwork in your home, the HVAC service team from Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC has got you covered. Learn more about ductwork installation and repair in Sugar Land, TX and nearby communities by speaking with our helpful staff today.

Ductwork Pros

With over 30 years of experience working on commercial and residential ductwork, we have seen virtually everything. Our experience allows us to quickly and accurately assess any potential issues as well as make necessary repairs efficiently and properly. One telltale sign that you are experiencing a problem with your ductwork is inconsistent temperatures across different rooms. This could also be an issue stemming from a malfunctioning main unit, and you should rely on the expertise of a licensed HVAC service technician to diagnose your particular complication and recommend appropriate remedies.

Like any other piece of HVAC equipment, ductwork is subject to normal wear and tear that results in the need for repairs and regular maintenance. One of the more frequent issues we encounter is ductwork that has filled with debris, creating choke points for air flow that forces your heating and cooling components to work harder and use more energy. When your units have to work harder, it costs you more money because it is using more energy as well as increases the wear and tear on your unit. When your property settles or shifts, it can affect a wide variety of your HVAC systems especially ductwork that may become bent or misshapen. On many service calls, we discover that many of our clients have ductwork installed that is not the appropriate size for their space leading to inefficiencies; costing you more money.

Vance Duct Recommendations

We recommend scheduling a regular cleaning of any existing ductwork to ensure that it continues to operate at its optimum efficiency. In addition, we urge all of our clients to consult one of our licensed and insured service team members when building a new home or office to make sure that the ductwork you install is the proper size and is correctly installed. Schedule your appointment for ductwork installation and repair in Sugar Land, TX with Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC today.