Fan Coil Units

fan coil unit installFan coil units are an effective and economical heating and cooling solution that can be installed in a residential, commercial or industrial setting. These HVAC systems are usually not connected to ductwork and are largely self-contained. Because fan coil units are not linked to your ductwork, they are often used to cool or heat a specific space such as the particular area where they are installed.

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The Advantages of Fan Coil Units

Fan coil units are more simple than other devices and appliances you may install to heat and cool your home or office. This makes them much less expensive to install than furnaces, heat pumps and other heating and cooling solutions that depend on ventilation and ductwork to transport conditioned air throughout your space.

Fan coil units are versatile and can be installed in several different ways, increasing your control of the air in your space. These units may be installed vertically or horizontally on walls, ceilings and floors in addition to available freestanding units. Fan coil units also offer various control mechanisms such as internal and remote thermostat controls that can be connected to Business Energy Management Systems in commercial settings.

There are two types of Fan Coil Units

  • Two-Pipe: Contains one supply and one return pipe. The supply pipe provides heated or cooled water to the unit necessary for the heat transfer process.
  • Four-Pipe: Two supply and two return pipes are present. This option is more commonly installed because the multiple pipes allow hot and cold water to be supplied to the unit simultaneously. This is important because many buildings will need to cool and heat different areas at the same time, making this a preferable feature.

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