Maintaining Your Heater

Wintertime is when people will spend the most time indoors. That makes maintenance for your furnace or heating system vital to ensure that your home has good indoor air quality. Here are some ways you can maintain your heater quickly to keep your home warm and increase air quality.

Replace the filters in your air system when necessary. This not only helps your air conditioner and heating equipment run efficiently but also keeps your air clean. A dirty filter will allow dirt and debris to filter out into your home. It also limits air flow which causes the A/C or heater to work harder to try to keep the house at the correct temperature.

Weekly cleaning can improve air quality and prevent the air filters in the air system from getting dirty too quickly. Vacuum the carpets and use a duster to remove airborne irritation like pet dander and dust.

Schedule air duct cleaning and maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment. Not only does maintenance keep your system clean. It helps ensure that your A/C and furnace are running efficiently and any little problems can be corrected before they turn into expensive repairs. Cleaning the air ducts will eliminate build up of dust and dirt to both clean up the air in your home and improve the performance of the air system.

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