Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Tips

When seasons begin to transition from hot to cold, we start to notice many changes. People wear more layers, the weather changes, and seasonal allergies tend to flare up. But did you know that the changing seasons are a great time for air conditioner and heating maintenance? Here are a few seasonal HVAC maintenance tips to help your A/C system handle the transition well.

seasonal HVAC maintenance

Change Your Air Filters

If you don’t check your air filter often enough, now is the time to do it! With changes in the weather, more allergens and pollutants tend to fill the air. Keep your indoor air clean and healthy by checking all your air filters for dust buildup. Change them if necessary. When performing seasonal HVAC maintenance, you should also check the filter on your furnace. When you first turn on your heater for the season, dust will burn away, producing a usually harmless but bad odor. Clean away as much dust as possible to prevent this.

Test Your Furnace

Before the first cold snap hits, check your furnace to make sure it will heat your home properly. Test the thermostat and keep an eye out for any malfunctions. You may need some seasonal maintenance if you notice a problem. As we mentioned, you will probably smell a slight burning smell when you first turn on your heater. This is normal and is just accumulated dust burning away. However, if the smell doesn’t go away or if it smells electrical, shut off your heater and call a professional. You may have a more serious problem.

Keep Your Air Clean

Besides changing your air filter regularly, there are several other ways to keep your indoor air cleaner. Be sure to vacuum and dust your home regularly, especially if you have pets or several people living in the home. With the air cooling off outside, you may keep doors and windows open more. This can increase the dust and pollutants in your home. If you feel like your indoor air is musty or dirty, call your local air conditioner experts about checking your indoor air quality.

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