Our Service Area

Sugarland Town SquareThe HVAC service technicians at Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC have been working on heating and cooling systems in homes and offices for over three decades. Our extensive experience means that there is virtually no issue or system that we haven’t seen before, making most repairs a breeze.

We believe that there is no substitute for experience. You wouldn’t trust your vehicle with an amateur repairman, why would you trust your heating and cooling systems with one? Our technicians are all properly licensed and insured, so you know that you are dealing with professionals who are held to the highest standards. Whether you need residential or commercial HVAC service, the service team at Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC can provide you the assistance you need.

Our service area in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas covers much of Harris, Brazoria, Waller and Fort Bend counties. Call our office today and speak with one of our helpful representatives to learn more about how we can improve the comfort of your home or business.

Areas We Serve

Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC has a broad service area spanning several municipalities and counties. Our convenient location just outside Sugar Land, TX in Richmond, TX  allows us to quickly and effectively serve our customers across much of Harris, Brazoria, Waller and Fort Bend counties. Several of the locations we frequently serve include

It would be impossible to list every location we are capable of serving. If you don’t see the location where your home or commercial property is located, call our office to discuss your options moving forward. Our friendly staff is more than happy to answer your questions regarding our services.

Services We Offer

Our HVAC service technicians are trained to handle both commercial and residential service calls. With over 30 years of experience combined with regular ongoing training, there is no project that we can’t handle.


At Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, we believe the best repairs are the ones you never have to make. This is why we offer system reviews and efficiency recommendations in addition to code inspections and upgrades. Moreover, we can assist you with indoor air quality services that can help you keep your home or office comfortable as well as keep your air conditioning and heating systems properly functioning for years to come.

The best way to keep your HVAC system working efficiently is to perform routine maintenance checkups that can catch potential issues before they develop by replacing parts that deteriorate due to regular wear and tear. We also recommend regularly changing your air filters and testing your coolant levels to ensure that your units are functioning at optimum efficiency.


When your HVAC system malfunctions, you don’t have time to wait around for a repairman which is why we are available 24/7 by appointment. We will dispatch our first available service technician to your location once we receive your call. ¬†The longer you wait to address your HVAC concerns, the worse your issue will become. There is a large variety of issues that can occur with your heating and cooling systems and you need to trust a licensed professional who has a specialized set of skills and tools to make your repairs. Attempting to make repairs yourself can result in further damage to your HVAC systems, costing you more precious time and money. Trust the HVAC professionals at Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC to repair your heating or cooling systems and restore comfort to your home or office.


If you are considering upgrading your current HVAC system or are completing a new construction project, the HVAC experts at Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC can help you select and install your new heating and cooling systems. There are a wide variety of options available for both commercial and residential purposes, and you should know what your exact needs are to select the best possible option for your space. The best way to ensure that you are aware of your specific needs is to consult one of our licensed HVAC technicians before making your purchase.

Learn more about our service area in Sugar Land, TX and nearby areas by browsing our site or calling our office at your convenience. Remember, Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC is the comprehensive HVAC service that can answer any and all of your HVAC questions.