Benefits of a Clean Air Filter

Clean Air Filter

A Dirty Air Filter Has a Broadly Negative Impact on Your Home.

Your HVAC’s air filter has an immense importance for your air system and home. With regular replacement, the air filter can actually promote substantial benefits. Ideally, you should change your air filter every one to three months. A clean air filter brings the following advantages to you and your home.

Clean Air Ducts

Clean air ducts bring a great deal of benefits to you and your HVAC. Put simply, your air ducts contain the air you breathe. Dirty air ducts can contain everything from pollen to bacteria, all of which goes straight into your lungs. Dirt and debris in your air ducts can also negatively impact your HVAC’s operation.

Efficient Cooling

A clean air filter promotes efficient cooling and heating from your air system. As components of the system become contaminated with dirt and debris, your HVAC will have to work harder to manage your home’s temperature. This results in extra wear on the system, along with higher energy bills every month.

Improved Air Flow

Aside from these impacts on your health and that of your HVAC, a dirty air filter will directly impede the flow of air in your home. Your HVAC depends on a certain flow of air to work properly. In its absence, your air system can malfunction and ultimately fail.

The average homeowner should change his or her air filter once every couple months. If you have multiple pets or respiratory issues, you should change the filter monthly. For help with any HVAC issues or problems in Sugar Land or Houston, TX, call Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC at __PHONE__.

Electric vs Gas Furnace

Gas Heating Furnace To Indicate Electric Vs Gas FurnaceHomeowners in Sugar Land, TX are used to the hot weather, but the autumn and winter months are not too far ahead. Now is the perfect time to be thinking about furnace installation. Electric furnaces and Gas furnaces are both good choices, but how does one determine the optimal choice for their home? Take a look at the differences between the two furnace types:

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are safer and require less maintenance than their counterpart. This comes at the expense of some power and response time that may not be necessary in much of southern Texas.

The Pros of Electric Furnaces Include:

  • No Natural Gas Usage
  • Highly Efficient
  • High Safety Rating

The Cons of Electric Furnaces Include:

  • No Heat Transfer
  • Can Be Overworked
  • Less Powerful

Standards For Electric Furnaces:

  • Cost Effective Electricity
  • Large Breaker
  • No Natural Gas Necessary

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are the traditional furnace type. They are powerful, and heat rooms quickly but can be costly to maintain, and also present potential safety problems with carbon monoxide emissions.

The Pros of Gas Furnaces Include

  • Less Expensive Gas Usage
  • High Power Heating
  • Response Time

The Cons of Gas Furnaces Include:

  • Requires Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Requires Accessories For Optimal Performance
  • Noise Level

Standards For Gas Furnaces:

  • Combustion Air
  • Cost Effective Natural Gas
  • Gas Line On Property

As you can see, there is no right or wrong decision when it comes to furnace installation. The key is finding the option that works for your home and your family. For residents in Sugar Land, TX electric furnaces might be the best option since the summer months last longer, and the winter months are shorter. To further discuss electric vs gas furnace options, give us a call at (713) 702-4721.

Reasons Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important for Your Home

Reasons Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important for Your Home

Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important For Your Home.

While keeping our heating and cooling systems is a very important job, homeowners should also focus on improving their indoor air quality. It might not seem like a big deal, after all, pollutants are all outside, right? While there are a lot of pollutants outside, there are reasons why indoor air quality is important to take seriously. Below are a few critical aspects.

It Can Mess with Your HVAC Units

Poor indoor air quality can do a number on your heating and cooling systems. One, they can cut down the performance of the unit, and two, they can increase the costs of operating your heating and cooling units. By replacing air filters and getting regular duct cleaning, you can improve your air quality significantly

Effects Your Health

Because mold, dust mites, and other contaminants can make themselves comfy in air filters, it can cause your loved ones to have an increase in allergy symptoms. There is also the increased chance of getting asthma or exacerbating your asthma symptoms. By cleaning air filters and having someone check your air ducts, you can prevent annoying allergies caused by pet dander, dust, and additional things that are dragged from the outside into your home.

These are the reasons why indoor air quality is important, it messes with your heating and cooling and can also make you sick. By calling expert HVAC technicians like Vance AIr Conditioning & Heating, we are able to improve the air quality in your home, which can improve your health and HVAC systems. If you need HVAC services in Sugar Land, TX, call us today at (713) 702-4721.


Can A New Thermostat Improve Your Energy Efficiency?


Upgrade to a WiFi Thermostat to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency!

Here in Texas, the summer heat can be pretty unforgiving to your comfort, and your wallet too. You may find yourself turning keeping your indoor air temperature warmer than you may like, or keeping the A/C turned off entirely just to keep your energy bills low. However, a great way to keep your A/C at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank may be to upgrade your thermostat!

Clearly, your thermostat itself doesn’t take a significant drain on your energy efficiency, but your it does control the air conditioning unit that takes a significant drain on your energy efficiency. Simply put, a better thermostat can control your thermostat more efficiently, which can help you maintain a high level of comfort, at a lower cost to yourself. Not just any new thermostat will work though! Be sure to choose a thermostat with advanced programming options, such as remote setting abilities and pre-determined cooling schedules. If you want to go top of the line, look specifically for WiFi thermostats.

For example, if you will be gone for a 3 day weekend, you won’t want to keep your house at your preferred temperature for those 3 days. However, you don’t want to come home to a hot house, and crank the A/C up on high, which can cause you unit to work twice as hard, when you get home just to make the house comfortable. With an advanced thermostat, you can program your A/C to turn on and gradually cool the home one or two hours before you get back, which allows the unit to cool your home with a higher rate of energy efficiency.

If you are interested in a new thermostat in Sugarland, TX, or if you would like to learn more about how to make your air conditioner more energy efficient, give us a call at (713) 702-4721 and speak to one of our friendly associates!

Ensure Your A/C Is In Good Condition This Summer With These Tips

Air conditioner tips

Stay Cool This Summer With These Air Conditioner Tips!

During the summer, you A/C unit will be working overtime. Since Texas summers are notorious for being incredibly hot, it is important to have your air conditioner in tip-top shape. Here are some air conditioner tips to ensure your A/C is in good condition all summer long.

Check Your Air Filters

One of the best air conditioner tips we can give you is to check your air filters. If the air filters become clogged with debris, your A/C will have to work harder. It is an easy task and will be able to save you money on your energy bills.

Place Appliances Away From the Thermostat

This might not seem like a big deal, but appliances like lamps or other appliances that give off heat can cause the A/C longer than it would if there were no appliances around it.

Don’t Cool the Whole Neighborhood

Air conditioner tips like this one can really save you some money. The air in your home can escape through windows, cracks, and under the door. You can add insulation and seal off any air leaks with weatherstripping.

Switch Your Fan to Counterclockwise

If you have ceiling fans in your home, use them! When you set your ceiling fan to counterclockwise, it is able to push cold air down, in turn cooling off your hot rooms.

Contact Your Local HVAC Contractor

Routine inspections should be done on your A/C, but if you are concerned with your A/C’s functionality, call a trusted HVAC contractor.

Do you need residential HVAC services in Sugarland, TX? Call the experts at Vance Air Conditioning and Heating LLC today at (713) 702-4721!

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Outdated HVAC

air conditioner

Contact Vance Air Conditioning and Heating to replace an outdated HVAC.

The replacement of an HVAC system represents a major overhaul for your home or business. Regardless of whether it’s a commercial or residential unit, you’re looking at quite a large investment. On the other hand, an outdated HVAC system can represent a continual drain on your finances. Combined, these factors mean that you want to be sure when the time is right to upgrade your HVAC system.

Antiquated System

If your HVAC system has survived for 10 years or more, you likely have a model that doesn’t meet current industry standards for energy efficiency. Newer units can save you up to 40 percent on your monthly heating and cooling bills, an amount that makes an upgrade worth the investment.

Older Parts

Since the early-90s, the air conditioning industry has begun to phase out Freon-based systems in preference of Puron. This new chemical, also called R-410A, can absorb and release much more heat than Freon. This allows your HVAC’s compressor to run cooler, and thus lowers the risk of overheating and costly repairs.

Safety First

Outdated HVAC systems also stand as significant risks to your health. If your furnace has a faulty pilot light, or if the conduits and wires on your air conditioner have become exposed, you’ve opened yourself to more dangerous breakdowns in the system.

At Vance Air Conditioning and Heating, our trained experts can help you determine when it’s time to say goodbye to your HVAC.Call us today at (713) 702-4721 if you want to assess the lifespan of your HVAC in Sugar Land, TX or surrounding areas.


What Causes A/C Coil Leaks And How You Can Prevent Them

Have you had trouble with your air conditioner in the past? If you’re a homeowner, chances are that you have had A/C coil repairs pop up over the lifespan of your air conditioner. What causes this expensive component to leak? How can you avoid these costly repairs? 

Leaking copper pipe

What Causes An A/C Coil Leak

As you may already know, your air conditioner uses copper tubing, due to its excellent ability to conduct heat. In newer, more efficient models, the tubing is even thinner, so as to increase the efficiency. Unfortunately, the copper is the main culprit when it comes to diagnosing A/C coil leaks.

In our homes, we use finished furniture, stained cabinets, paints, chemical cleaners, and the list goes on, of products that compromise the air quality of our homes. The air in your home in circulated through the A/C, and brought back into the home in a cycle. Therefore, the chemicals in the air of your home are circulated through the A/C. The issue here, is that many homes have the right chemicals that release formaldehyde into the air. When this formaldehyde goes through the evaporator coils, it reacts with the coolant to create formic acid.

Formic acid, most commonly known as the acid that makes fire ants such painful enemies, eats right through copper. Over time, the formic acid creates pinholes in the copper tubing and causes leaks. Often these pinhole leaks go unnoticed until the leaks are big enough to cause larger problems, and require complete replacement.

How to Protect Your A/C Coil and Avoid Costly Replacements

Luckily, there are ways to avoid replacing your A/C coil every few years! To begin, for your health and that of your air conditioner, consider opening the windows to your home when the weather permits.

We suggest opening screened windows, to cut down on dirt and insect entry, but the main purpose of the exercise is to allow fresh air into your home. allowing fresh air flow can cut down on the chemical concentrations in your home air, and allow your A/C to circulate new cleaner air through your home. To further protect your home, consider adding an air purifier to clean the air. This is also good for you and your A/C!

Most importantly, have your unit maintained yearly. A professional will perform a variety of maintenance duties to protect your unit, but the most important part will protect your A/C coil! Have a professional flush the A/C coil with a neutralizing formula to protect the coils for another year.

If you need A/C repair or would like to schedule your annual maintenance in Rosenberg, TX, please give the experts at Vance Air Conditioning & Heating a call today at (713) 702-4721!


How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your Home

Do you feel like your indoor air is unclean and extra dusty? Are you suffering from respiratory problems or allergies? You might not be using the proper air filter. All air filters are not created equally, so follow these tips on how to choose the right air filter for your home.

Types of Air Filters

the right air filterFirst, you need to know the different types of filters available. These range in price, efficiency, material, design, and other factors, meaning one is not the same as the others.

  • Fiberglass – The cheapest option, fiberglass air filters do not remove air pollutants well. MERV 1-4
  • High Efficiency – Usually the most expensive, HE filters can trap extremely fine particles, but are rarely used in residential settings. MERV 14-16
  • Pleated – These average-priced filters provide superior filtering for you home. MERV 8-13
  • Washable – Though they may tempt you as an eco-friendly option, washable filters are costly, work poorly and can easily spread bacteria through your home. MERV 1-4

What is the MERV Rating?

So what is the MERV rating? This acronym stands for minimum efficiency reporting value, which refers to the filter’s effectiveness. If your home is always dusty and you’re using a filter with a low MERV filter, this could be the problem. However, this doesn’t mean you should purchase the filter with the highest MERV rating. High efficiency filters can be too restrictive and cause problems for your HVAC unit. Most homes do well with a filter between MERV 9 and 12.

What’s Best For Your Home?

If you live in a single-room apartment with no pets, a fiberglass filter may be all you need. However, a larger household with children and pets means more dust and pollutants. This will often require a pleated filter. If you want cleaner indoor air, make sure your AC unit is compatible before investing in an HE filter.

Do you have more questions about how to choose the right air filter? Call Vance Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (713) 702-4721 today! We are happy to provide inspections, HVAC maintenance, and HVAC repairs in Sugar Land, TX and Houston, TX.

Maintaining Your Heater

Wintertime is when people will spend the most time indoors. That makes maintenance for your furnace or heating system vital to ensure that your home has good indoor air quality. Here are some ways you can maintain your heater quickly to keep your home warm and increase air quality.

Replace the filters in your air system when necessary. This not only helps your air conditioner and heating equipment run efficiently but also keeps your air clean. A dirty filter will allow dirt and debris to filter out into your home. It also limits air flow which causes the A/C or heater to work harder to try to keep the house at the correct temperature.

Weekly cleaning can improve air quality and prevent the air filters in the air system from getting dirty too quickly. Vacuum the carpets and use a duster to remove airborne irritation like pet dander and dust.

Schedule air duct cleaning and maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment. Not only does maintenance keep your system clean. It helps ensure that your A/C and furnace are running efficiently and any little problems can be corrected before they turn into expensive repairs. Cleaning the air ducts will eliminate build up of dust and dirt to both clean up the air in your home and improve the performance of the air system.

If you need air conditioning or heater maintenance in Sugar Land, TX or the Houston area, contact Vance Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. Our team can ensure your home has superior indoor air quality. Call today at 713-702-4721.

Benefits Of A Wifi Thermostat

Still using an old mechanical thermostat to control your heater and air conditioner? Want to save money on your energy bill? Consider upgrading to a digital Wifi thermostat! Here are just a few of the benefits:

Control The Thermostat From Anywhere!

wifi thermostatThe greatest perk of a Wifi thermostat (sometimes called a wireless thermostat) is that you can adjust it from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. While some may think of this as an excuse to be lazy, this convenient feature can come in handy. Forget to turn off the heater after you left for work? No problem! You can make minor adjustments throughout the day, or control your thermostat while on vacation.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

There’s no sense in running the air conditioner all day while you’re at work, but no one likes to comes home to an 80+ degree home in the summer. Balance comfort and energy savings with a Wifi thermostat! Before you head home, turn on the A/C using your smartphone, tablet, or computer and enjoy a cool home as well as serious savings. While some homeowners hesitate at the the initial cost of a Wifi thermostat, the long-term savings will quickly outweigh the price.

Reminders And Alerts

Along with an app that lets you turn the heater or air conditioning on and off, you can set alerts, program the thermostat, and monitor energy use. Do you forget to check the air filter each month? Want to know how much energy you’ve used this month? Just take a look at your app and make home comfort a breeze.

You may think a Wifi thermostat is a bit of an extravagance, but the energy and financial savings will have you adding this smart home product to your holiday gift list. If you’re interested in Wifi thermostat installation in Sugar Land, TX and the greater Houston area, call Vance Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (713) 702-4721!